Double Under: A Beginners Guide

The skill of doing a double under has become the most popular form of skipping in recent years. It's a major part of competing in Crossfit, Metcon and other fitness events all over the world. As a result, many people have become obsessed with being able to do double unders even though they may not have proper form/technique while doing basic skipping. Many skipping competitors/coach's feel that you should be able to do around 100-200 unbroken single bounce jumps before trying to master double unders. We've created an easy to follower beginners guide to double unders.

Double Unders are a terrific form of cardio. It's a full body workout and jumping that bit higher than regular skipping on a consistent basis will strengthen lower and upper leg muscles. Your upper body including your core has to remain engaged and the constant double turning of your hands/wrists will really give the upper body a workout. Ensure to get the correct form/technique of skipping from our "How to Skip like a Boxer" as it will greatly increase your chances of getting double unders. Follow the instructions in the above video to help you get started with doubles as a beginner.

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