It is probably one of the questions that I get asked the most, what skipping rope length works best for my height? To be honest, there are a number of factors to take into considerations when choosing the right length of rope. I’m going to break down the details here.

The starting point when looking at what length of skipping rope is looking at your height. As a rule of thumb when I'm working with adults and children I follow the below breakdown;

Hand position can be a major factor when considering skipping rope length. It is important to keep your hands close to your body. The wider your hands are the more rope you are going to need. For example, I'm 6ft 4inches tall so I should require a 10ft rope however I can easily skip with a 8.5ft rope if I keep my hands close to my body.

When you are skipping your arms should not be straight as this will make your hands stretch away from your pockets and will mean you are turning the skipping rope from your shoulders causing your arms to do more work and fatigue a lot quicker. I always advise to keep your elbows bent and pointing out behind you as shown in the image below. This will allow your hands to be close to your pockets.

For more tips on technique, check out our YouTube channel for more videos -

Hand position for skipping