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  • 10ft Partner Skipping Rope

    Total inclusive of 23% VAT 14.00

    Introducing the SKIPnROPE 10ft partner skipping rope. This skipping rope encourages teamwork. Partner skipping is a fun way to inspire skippers to be creative.

    The 10ft parter rope has a 5mm thick vinyl white cord. It is easy to use, comfortable as it is made from PVC plastic. The medium 5-inch handles are used to learn the basics of skipping. This rope helps to develop speed and freestyle tricks. 

    The SKIPnROPE 10ft partner skipping rope is adjustable to different lengths. Each rope is fitted with a plastic adjustable snap lock system. Skipping is a terrific form of exercise that can help a child’s agility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination. Skipping is a great skill for all ages.

    You can skip on many different surfaces, for instance wooden floors, tarmac, gravel and solid flooring. Alternatively the SKIPnROPE skipping mat is available to purchase online. 

    Check out our SKIPnROPE YouTube channel and Instagram page for skipping tutorials. If you have any questions on technique or skills please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or through our social channels.

    Please tag @skipnrope or #skipnrope in your videos.

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  • 16ft Family Skipping Rope (1-3 people can jump together in the rope)

    Total inclusive of 23% VAT 16.00

    The SKIPnROPE family skipping rope is a 16ft. This rope is perfect for using in the school yard and at home with the family. With a rope length of 16ft, children aged 7 years and above can use this rope. There are many different games like “Figure 8” that can be played on the school yard. 3 people will fit comfortably skipping in the family rope together with a person at each end turning.

    The SKIPnROPE 5.25-inch medium handles are simple and comfortable to use while turning the rope. Our handles are constructed with HDPE plastic and despite their light weight are very durable. This rope is made from a 5mm thick vinyl cord and is appropriate for many different surfaces such as tarmac, wooden floors, gravel and other hard surfaces.

  • Double Dutch Set

    Total inclusive of 23% VAT 22.00

    The SKIPnROPE double dutch set. Consists of 2 x 16ft red and white coloured ropes. Skipping helps to develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain, to further improve spacial awareness and reading skills, and increases memory and mental alertness.

    The double dutch set have 5.25-inch sized handles and are made from HDPE plastic.  They are comfortable to hold and allow you to turn the Double Dutch rope at a greater speed. Each rope contains a plastic adjustable snap lock system. 

    The SKIPnROPE handles are robust and can handle many different conditions.

    You can skip on many different surfaces such as wooden floors, tarmac, gravel and solid flooring.


  • 25ft Skipping Rope (4or more people can jump in the rope together)

    Total inclusive of 23% VAT 18.00

    Introducing the SKIPnROPE 25ft Skipping Rope. This rope encourages children to play together in groups. The 25ft skipping rope is used for groups of 4 to 8 children. The rope is light weight and has a tangle free cord and is perfect for both teachers and children to use during lunchtime and Physical Education (P.E.) lessons. This rope is suited to older children from 10yrs +. The robust 5.25-inch handles are made from HDPE.