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    Beginner Bundle (RRP €89)

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    The SKIPnROPE Beginner Bundle includes a 1 x 10ft Beaded Rope & 1 x Skipping Mat. The individual 10ft beaded skipping rope is adjustable to different lengths & has high quality soft beads which are extremely durable allowing you to skip on any surface. Your height plus 3ft/92cm is a general rule to find your correct length of beaded rope. The bundle also includes our skipping mat, which is a 1.98m x 0.92m with a 6mm thickness & comes with 2 straps for easy storage

  • Skipping Mat

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    Our new & improved SKIPnROPE skipping mat is an important accessory for skipping workouts. Skipping on concrete can be hard on your joints and on the rope, we have therefore developed this mat to protect the skipper and the ropes themselves. The mat protects your joints by cushioning your landing during your sessions. Perfect for every season particularly in winter when frost and cold can damage your rope. The width comfortably allows you to do a variety of techniques, for example side swings360 turns and other complex skills without damaging your rope on concrete or tarmac.

    • Suitable for speed, wire & heavy ropes
    • Made from rubber
    • 6.4ft (1.98m) long x 3ft (.92m) wide
    • 6mm thickness
    • Comes with 2 straps for easy storage.
    • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
    • Keep the mat stored in dry location
    • To be used both at home and on the go

    Skipping is one of the best cardio workouts, benefits to adults include:

    • Toning muscles.
    • Burning calories.
    • Increases jump height for box jumps.
    • Increasing bone density to help prevent osteoporosis.
    • Works your whole body.

    Skipping is a terrific form of exercise that can help a child’s agility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination. It teaches children about rhythm. When put into team routines it provides them with team work skills and encourages them to have confidence in their sporting ability. It’s a great way to keep fit, as it is an intense cardiovascular exercise which helps to maintain good health reduce your risk of disease and it’s lots of fun!