10ft Retro Boxer Rope (Can be easily shortened to any length)

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The SKIPnROPE 10ft Retro Boxer Speed Rope is the newest addition to our collection. It combines a mixture of the old style wooden handles that many boxers are used to seeing from generations gone by. With a more modern vinyl speed rope instead of using a traditional leather rope. The vinyl allows the rope to cut through the air quicker than leather allowing boxers and skippers to skip at a faster speed in their training.

The 4.75 inch handles are made from Beachwood which makes them extremely durable with a smooth finish. The  matt black vinyl cord is 5mm thick and rope length is easily adjusted to a smaller size via the snaplock system in the handle.

You can skip on many different surfaces such as wooden floors, tarmac, gravel and solid flooring. Alternatively the SKIPnROPE skipping mat is available to purchase online. 

Check out our SKIPnROPE YouTube channel and Instagram page for skipping tutorials. If you have any questions on technique or skills please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or through our social channels.

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