Heavy Rope 9ft (for 5ft 11in & under) & 10ft (for 6ft & over)

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Introducing our SKIPnROPE Heavy Rope is a unique rope for skippers who have mastered the basics skills of skipping with our speed and wire ropes. The heavy rope is the perfect tool to improve your single and double under speed. This rope builds hand, forearm and shoulder strength. In addition, this rope will challenge you with an increased strength, power and endurance workout.

If you’re looking for a quick resistance cardio workout, this is ideal. Similarly, this rope tests your ability to maintain your technique in a fatigued/resisted state. This weighted rope is not for the faint hearted, it takes your skipping workout to the next level.

The ropes contain a 12mm thick PVC cord. In addition, the handles are 4.75” thick. They are fitted with dual ball bearings which as a result improve the spinning mechanics. The ropes are available in two sizes – 9ft (For individuals 5ft 11in & under) and 10ft (For individuals over 6ft). The 9ft (2.7m) red rope weighs 615g (1.3lb) and 10ft (3m) blue rope weighs 650g (1.45lb).

We first showcase the SKIPnROPE Heavy Rope at Filthy 150 in November 2019. We are excited to announce that the SKIPnROPE heavy rope will be the official skipping rope of the Powerful Invitational in 2020. Featuring in all divisions of the competition. (Competition on hold due to COVID-19)

The heavy ropes can be used in conjunction with the SKIPnROPE skipping mat.

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