OUR BEST SELLING : Individual 10ft Beaded Skipping Rope | Can be easily shortened to any length.

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The SKIPnROPE 10ft beaded skipping rope is suitable for skippers of all ages including adults & children. I recommend the beaded skipping rope for beginners and freestyle skipping enthusiasts. There are many benefits to the beaded skipping rope. For example, the weight of the beads allow for greater feedback as the rope travels around your body. The high quality soft beads are extremely durable allowing you to skip on any surface.

The individual 10ft beaded skipping rope is adjustable to different lengths & comes in 10 different colourways. Your height plus 3ft/92cm is a general rule to find your correct length of beaded rope. You can untie the knot in the handles and take off as many beads as you need. Bring the handles down to your preferred length & tie the knots again. The 5.25inch handles fit comfortably into your hand.

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