Large Carry Bag | Suitable for Heavy Rope & Multiple Individual/Family/25ft Ropes

Total inclusive of 23% VAT 7.00

The SKIPnROPE carry bag is a lightweight drawstring bag for multiple individual ropes (Speed/Beaded/Freestyle/Wire)/our Heavy Rope/16ft Family/DD/25ft Long skipping ropes. The large carry bag is 35cm x 30cm. It has been designed to fit neatly into your gym bag and protect your skipping ropes between uses.

The correct way to store your skipping rope is by lightly wrapping the cord of your rope around your hand. ***PLEASE DON’T WRAP CORD TIGHTLY AROUND YOUR HANDLES AS THIS WILL LEAVE THE ROPE FRAYED.*** Once you have the rope wrapped around your hand, place the rope neatly into the carry bag.

Skipping has increased in popularity over the last number of years with celebrities and professional athletes skipping rope at home and in the gym. Skipping has a number of benefits including improving heart rate, tones muscle in the upper and lower body. It also helps maintain balance, co-ordination and agility. Skipping is a great activity for everyone from young kids to older adults.

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