Is skipping or double unders a part of Crossfit that you or your clients find difficult? If yes, why not take part in a double under workshop taught by a Level 2 qualified REP’s Skipping Instructor (Register of Exercise Professionals of Great Britain). We have worked with a variety of gyms and over 700 Primary Schools all over Ireland teaching children basic and advanced skipping tricks.

We offer two types of courses to Crossfit Boxes- Beginners and Advanced. Each tutorial is 1 hour long bringing all the experience I have from teaching children every day in schools.


In our beginner’s course, I would carry out an hour long session introducing the basics of skipping to the participants. The tutorial would focus on…

  • Skipping Technique- Hand position, arm & wrist rotation.
  • Posture- Body, leg and feet placement.
  • Breathing- Underline the importance of breathing to the exercise.
  • Rhythm- Emphasise the correlation of hand and feet rhythm.

With these aspects of skipping mastered, teaching participants the basics of double unders would then be carry out for the last 15-20mins of our session.


The advanced course would be suited for individuals who have all the basics of skipping but are struggling to get multiple double unders. Double unders are a key component of many workouts performed in Crossfit classes/competitions. I would start this session by…

  • Observing everyone’s technique.
  • Focusing on posture.
  • Making adjustments to help improve performance.
  • Encourage the importance of speed skipping.
  • Emphasising the significance of breathing.

From this workshop, participants will be equipped with the skills to perform multiple double unders through practice.


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Equipment for Workshop

Our SKIPnROPE Speed Ropes will be provided on the day for use during the class. Our ropes are made from vinyl with PVC handles. Below is a price list for those who wish to buy a rope after the session.

7ft Speed Rope          €8  (Individuals under 4ft in height)

8.5ft Speed Rope       €8  (Individuals 4'1" to 5'9" in height)

10ft Speed Rope        €8  (Individuals 5'10" or over in height) 


Only available in July & August

Monday - Friday: 6am - 10pm

Saturdays: 6am - 2pm

Contact us to discuss times that would work best -


"After struggling to do 5 double unders for over a year, we decided to get Mark from skipnrope. We had him in for a 2 hour workshop with our members and he done a fantastic job of breaking down the skills needed that people of all levels could focus on. Double unders where something we were all really keen to be able to perform but Mark from gave us the tools to master the movement. I now can do 50 double unders unbroken" Gavin Brown, The Fitness Academy, Athboy, Co. Meath

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