Wire Skipping Rope w/Carry Bag 10ft (Can easily shorten the length from 10ft to 9ft)

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The SKIPnROPE wire skipping rope is the perfect fitness tool for athletes trying to maximize their skipping performance in particular CrossFit Athletes and double unders. The wire skipping rope comes in 10ft length but can be shortened to a 9ft rope with our self locking system on the handles. Pressing the spring loaded button at the top will allow you to feed the rope into the handle. Make sure to try out a few different lengths to find which suits you best. It’s also possible to cut the wire with a snips if you feel you need less that a 9ft rope. The following is a general rule for correct length (Some people will vary as arm position needs to be taken into account):

9ft Rope – Individuals under 5ft 6in.

10ft Ropes – Individuals 5ft 7in and taller

With 6.5 inch aluminium steel handles, it allows for a comfortable grip to enhance your efficiency in either speed or freestyle skipping. The wire skipping rope and handles are available in both red and black.

The rope is 1mm thick and is made from steel with a coated plastic on the outside. For long lasting durability, please use smooth, wooden or matted surfaces. We have included an anti-wear pipe in the package. Please use this pipe if you are jumping on concrete or abrasive surfaces.

The wire ropes are ideal to be used with the SKIPnROPE skipping mat.

For a more advanced skipper, check out our SKIPnROPE heavy ropes to take your workout to the next level.

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